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Satay is part of a malaysian chinese food cuisine that has originated from Java, Indonesia. It has been recognized as the national food of Indonesia and is widely available throughout the country. It is also well recognized and applauded in Southeast Asia which includes Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines along with Suriname and Netherlands due to the fact that Indonesia was once a Dutch colony.

Satay is known to be inspired by Kebab, widely famous in the Arab and Middle Eastern Traditions along with regions that coincide. After the influx of immigrants in Java especially of Arab origins Satay started to be made and that is when it got famous. Arabs have great inclination towards the consumption of kebab and Satay food was considered a similar dish which could have been made with many different meats.

(source: http://satayria.com.au/satay-food-origin/ )


Here are the instructions to reheat your Satay.

First of all set aside your Pineapple Salsa… as you can imagine it doesn’t need to be reheated!

Take the skewers and put them in the preheated oven @160°C and leave them for about 10 minutes. They have to be “piping hot”.

Meantime take two saucepans or and put the Satay sauce and the rice in each saucepan. Gently reaheat them until piping hot.

Even though is not advisable, you can reheat everything in the microwave, but this could affect the fragrance of the food. Be sure that the container you use is microwave safe.

Serve everything hot and, if you like, you can pair this dish with a gentle white wine like a Chardonnay. Or you can have a light blonde beer instead!

THIS DISH IS FREEZABLE (altough we do not recommend to freeze the pineapple salsa)

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