We are proud to support “AMICI DI ANGAL ONLUS” through our good friend Pierfrancesco Marsiaj. Together with his family and friends Pierfrancesco runs this very important humanitarian mission in Africa.

Amici di Angal Association NPO was founded in 2001 (since 2004 has been recognized NPO(*) – see the Statute – available only in Italian) by Dr. Mario Marsiaj and his wife Claudia, who have been working for 40 years in a country Hospital in Nort Uganda, St Luke’s Hospital in Angal, a small village in a very poor land in the bush, with a high concentration of people.

S. Luke’s hospital was built by Comboni Missionaries Fathers and Nigrizia Sisters in the sixties and has been largely helped by an Italian organization, Medici con l’Africa Cuamm (NGO (*) from Padova) which has been sending italian volunteer Doctors for a Cooperation programme throughout almost 30 years.

Mario and Claudia Marsiaj where among the first (’66-’73) to arrive to Angal, and since then they have done several missions lasting from some months to years. Since year 2000, when the Sisters left the mission and the cooperation programme by Medici con l’Africa Cuamm came to an end, the Marsiaj returned several times to Angal for two or three periods every year, to follow closely the “africanisation” process in the hospital, helping the local collagues to get independent in the hospital management and administration. For the time being, the financial autonomy is far from being reached.

Since when the helping NGOs concluded their projects in Angal, it has become mandatory to found a new Association to gather the necessary funds to allow the Hospital to get on its precious work, and most especially to collect fundings to carry on a number of projects which had been started several years before, most of which targeted to children. Besides that it was also necessary to ensure continuity in supporting the local doctors, which are totally insufficient in number. The Association has still a very limited structure, being composed of a handful of associates (around fifty), most of which are doctors who spent some time working in Angal. It has nearly no management expenses and it’s very easily manageable by the associates and by donors.

You can visit the website here: https://www.amicidiangal.org/en/

If you wish to help Pierfrancesco and his team, you can make a donation by debit/credit card or via Paypal.  Just click here: https://www.amicidiangal.org/en/donate/

 Thanks for your support.