Italian Wines

Canton Colli Euganei

As you Guys probably know, We are from the Northern East side of Italy. From a region called Veneto.

At the moment our Region produces 126 different kinds of wines, each one coming from a different grape variety. Veneto is one of the most producing region, together with Tuscany and Emilia Roamgna, that produce the same number of wines, and followed by Umbria Region with 112 varieties and overtaken only by the Lombardia Region with 130 varieties.

We are pleased to announce you that we have now the possibility to offer our customers some of the most popular wines produced in our Region, thanks to a partnership with some italian friends, Erika and Mauro, that are coming from the same our beloved Veneto Region! Here are some wines from Canton Colli Euganei, in Falkirk, that we are pleased to suggest, especially if you want to drink an excellent wine with our Christmas Menu!

If you’re interested in buying some wine, just click on the button and you will be ridirected to Canton Colli Euganei’s website. Just apply the code XXXXXXXX at the checkout and they will grant you free delivery, even only for one bottle!!

Enjoy your shopping,