5 star review  Oh my this has to be the best vegan meal I have had. Had the Malaysian curry and lentil lasagne and my son in law had Bolognese. So glad we got organised for once to order this. So many other things on the menu to try. Very good value for money

    Sheila Howard Avatar Sheila Howard

    5 star review  We opted for Gabriele’s menu for Valentine’s Day as we were not in the mood of going out or making dinner, and it revealed to be a very good choice. The food was delivered by Gabriele himself at the time we had previously arranged, and all we had to do was to set the table up and heat the food. Gratin tomatoes were divine! My wife makes gratin tomatoes herself, but they’re a pale shadow compared to those of Gabriele! Then we had the soup with the croutons; the soup was spicy, but not too much, so it’s good also for those people who are not very fond of spicy food. Crepes were superb! I really enjoyed the butternut squash/mushroom match, and the crepe, who had a very nice purple colour, was very good, even to me that I don’t like beetroots. And then came the Millefeullie… This diary-free version really tastes like the traditional dessert, simply lighter, so you don’t have to worry about the diet. Matching strawberries and dark chocolate is a fantastic combination, very tasteful and luxurios. Free delivery and cheap prices were the cherry on the cake! My wife and I really had a wonderful dinner, especially thanks to Gabriele!

    Flavio Graser Avatar Flavio Graser

    5 star review  We have purchased food from Gabriele twice, and were super satisfied both the times! We tried single dishes from the menu, as well as the full Christmas menu, and everything was delicious. Gabriele delivers what you have ordered at your door when it best suits you, and you find yourself with a fantastic meal without bothering of cooking. I suggest a few dishes that I found incredible: the nut roast, best vegan roast I have ever tried; the butternut squash salad, that can be served as an appetiser or a main dish; and the biscuits, literally 'goduriosi'! 🙂

    Tatjana Sandon Avatar Tatjana Sandon

    5 star review  Just had Gabriele's vegetarian Balti curry.....delicious & will definitely order again! Thanks Gabriele!

    Margaret Windross Avatar Margaret Windross

    5 star review  Last night we had Gabriele's Gazpacho soup and veg Paella for dinner, a taste of Spanish holidays and a healthy Friday night takeaway in one. Both delicious and packed with flavours will be ordering the same again soon.

    Fiona Gorman Avatar Fiona Gorman

    5 star review  I live in Cumbria and am a vegan. A friend is visiting for the weekend and brought Gabriel's vegan lentil lasagna and strawberry and dark chocolate millefeulle. Both were absolutely delicious. I'm just so gutted I love so far away!

    Angela Faulkner Avatar Angela Faulkner

    5 star review  First delivery from Gabriel. Food excellent. Can’t recommend enough. Not vegan but loved what I’ve had so far. Pancakes particularly good.

    Tommy Fitzpatrick Avatar Tommy Fitzpatrick

    5 star review  Had Gabriele's lasagna tonight,was delicious,I would highly recommend

    Lyn Callahan Avatar Lyn Callahan

    positive review  The food that I ordered was absolutely amazing I had something for breakfast for lunch and for dinner for the whole family I can’t wait for my next order

    Anny Bi Smith Avatar Anny Bi Smith

    5 star review  Love it! We are regular customers and have enjoyed every dish we've tried. The flavours are fantastic and I love the fact that they contain so many different vegetables. I never thought I'd see my two boys (4 and 6) eat lentil lasagna, even the mushrooms. This is our favourite meal, with butternut squash salad on the side. Gabriele can also adjust the dishes to deal with allergies etc, which is perfect for our extended family. There are some days when I know in advance we're going to be too busy to cook, so it's great to have a healthy alternative to a chippy.

    Rachel Gilmour Avatar Rachel Gilmour

    5 star review  Love, love love your food. My friend is a vegetarian who I originally bought haggis, neeps & tatties for and when I managed to convince her to give me a try of the haggis I realized why she didn't want to share - it was delicious! Far superior to the meat haggis that I had myself. Have now just picked up a butternut squash salad for lunch today and I am very glad I did. Highly recommended. Will definitely be back for more.

    Robyn Gilligan Avatar Robyn Gilligan

    5 star review  Wow.. What beautiful food! I had the spicy coconut and lentil soup and the lentil lasagne - both were amazing. Will definitely be ordering again. Thanks

    Eilidh Mckenzie Avatar Eilidh Mckenzie